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Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic surgery can diagnose and treat knee injuries, including:

  • torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments
  • torn meniscus (the cartilage between the bones in the knee)
  • patella that’s out of position
  • pieces of torn cartilage that are loose in the joint
  • removal of a Baker’s cyst
  • fractures in the knee bones
  • swollen synovium (the lining in the joint)

Benefits of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Benefits of arthroscopic surgery compared with older open surgical techniques include –

1. Minimal scars

2. Decreased pain and swelling

3. Improved motion

4. Quicker functional recovery

5. Fewer risks and complications

Recovery after a Knee Arthroscopy

After knee arthroscopy patient is likely to be discharged within 2 days

Patient would be advised physiotherapy (exercises) until he is able use knee normally. Exercise is necessary to help restore full range of motion and strengthen the muscles

With proper care and exercise recovery after the procedure is excellent. 

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